Social Media Support

Every business owner knows that a presence on social media is key.  Whether as a marketing tool or to keep in touch with potential or existing customers, we can help with:


Setting Up Social Media Pages

First you need to get started on social media, so we can assist you by:

  • Setting up  your social media accounts;
  • Creating and adding attractive images or infographics;
  • Provide you with support on how to post and edit.


Reviewing Social Media Use

If you have accounts but don’t know if you are using them effectively, we can provide feedback on:

  • Review your social profiles and activity and make recommendations;
  • Review your analytics/insights and provide a written report.


Updating and Posting to Social Media Pages

Once you have a page, you need to be posting to it regularly to keep your followers engaged and add value.  We can help you with this by:

  • Researching relevant posts to share;
  • Creating a content calendar;
  • Scheduling posts;
  • Sharing blogs;
  • Responding to questions.


Creating Eye-Catching Visuals

It is important to use visuals in social media to engage customers.  For example, did you know that tweets with images receive 150% more re-tweets than tweets without images? (source: Buffer Social).  We can:

  • Create attractive visuals to accompany your posts;
  • Source appropriate, images that you can use to show off your content.