Vicki Jackson

"I've known Jo for over six years now - first, at the Ambulance Service, and more recently through her own business as a VA. In both roles, I found Jo to be a trusted ally - unflappable, discreet, and most importantly, someone who gets things done. She has supported Intellitender with a number of things from traditional virtual assistance, recruitment and even bid writing: a challenge Jo took on with a smile on her face and a determination to do her very best. The bid won of course! I would not hesitate to recommend her if you need a capable pair of hands to do almost anything! Thanks for everything, Jo"

Vicki Jackson, Lead Consultant and Managing Director - Intellitender Ltd

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Client: Consultant

"I approached Joanne for support with diary management, posting blogs and assistance in setting up a survey in Survey Monkey, I found her very easy to work with and it was particularly helpful to know she is there if I need her, to help with the stuff  I don't have time for, both in my business and personally. If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, my advice would be to meet two or three and make sure you feel you have the right person for you."

Consultant, December 2019

Alona Kemmett

"I initially contacted Joanne to help me with credit control as this was taking up a lot of my day.  Outsourcing this to Joanne has freed up my time to allow me to work on other things essential to my business. 

I have found it extremely easy to work with Joanne and would recommend other entrepreneurs outsource what they can - you can't do everything long term."

Alona Kemmett, Managing Director, Aquamarine Media

Helen Bennett

"I contacted Joanne as I was looking for help in updating my LinkedIn - as due to time constraints I had not been able to keep up with my connecting with members of The Business Network.  It was extremely easy to work with Joanne and I'd recommend that anyone thinking of working with a Virtual Assistant starts with a small project and expands from there.

It's great to have gotten this project ticked off my task list!"

Helen Bennett, Owner and Director, The Business Network

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Client, January 2019

"Working with Joanne has been transformative - she has helped me to move towards creating accessible systems and processes so that I can outsource many of the tasks I was previously stuck doing inefficiently myself. Perhaps just as importantly working with Joanne has also made me feel differently about my business, she is far more than a PA she is another member of the team who shows a genuine interest in, and commitment to my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

Client, Consultant, January 2019

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Client, January 2019

"I first contacted Joanne as I needed assistance managing my paperwork and book keeping. I work for myself and run two separate and quite distinct business – legal services and yoga and healing. I was really behind on all on all of my paperwork and Joanne got it all up to date for me really quickly.

My work is very varied and sometimes can be quite complex. I can be working in the office for the day for one of my legal clients and in the evening teaching one to one yoga for children with special needs or teaching specialist yoga classes. I explained to Joanne at the start that I planned to grow my yoga and healing business but I was very busy with my legal work and I needed someone that could help support me on the journey.  Joanne has been fabulous support from starting with admin and book-keeping through to assisting with organising retreats, sourcing venues, creating brochures, companies house filings and more.  Whatever task I throw at Joanne she always completes the task efficiently and effectively.

If Joanne doesn’t have experience on the task she is happy to research the best method and ask her network of VA’s for recommendations.  I have said to Joanne on several occasions that I wouldn’t have been able to manage growing the business without her support over the past couple of years."

Client, January 2019

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Client, January 2019
"Joanne was recommended to me at a time when I was struggling to balance the various aspects of running a fast-growing company with the time-constraints that arrived with our second child having just been born.
Joanne was able to quickly and efficiently take ownership of the administrative tasks that I had been pushing to one side, allowing my time to be focused on supporting our management team in taking on more responsibility for the growth of the company. I have since encouraged various colleagues to use Joanne’s services and she has become a vital member of our extended team.
Juggling a young family with the pressures of running a company has been made exponentially easier knowing that Joanne is able to take on tasks with a high level of professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail".
Client, January 2019
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Client, January 2019

"Joanne has been supporting us for some years now and has become an integral part of the business, chasing up outstanding invoices, sending out reminders to our staff and generally keeping us on our toes. She has also introduced a system whereby all members of the team are able to input their weekly timesheets directly into our accounts system, instead of them having to be rekeyed manually.

This all amounts to greater efficiency and improved cash flow so Joanne has had a very positive impact on our company and long may this continue!"

Client, January 2019

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Stewart Noakes

"I contacted Joanne as she had provided me with virtual business support in the past.

We were looking mainly for someone to help with scheduling meetings and being the point of contact for sales leads.  Joanne appointed one of her team, Justine, to help us, and she has been assisting with diary management and client contact/recontact.

This has helped us to increase the number of appointments and given us back some 'thinking time'.

I'd recommend that any business owner starts with a few hours and proportionally invests in support"

Stewart Noakes, Interim Commercial Director EMEA, Truewind.

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Deauke Robbens

"Joanne and her team were recommended to me as I was looking for help with managing the overwhelm of taking my business to the next level, and with creative and technical challenges.

Initially, I was looking for help with the design of a mini-guide and the re-design of a flyer.  Joanne recommended one of her team, Claire, to help me, and she has produced designs which I feel really proud of and I feel more at peace knowing that everything is going to be okay, now that I am surrounding myself more and more with experts in their field.

Hire Joanne, she is awesome"

Deauke Robbens, Owner, Barn Sante

Business owner in his office
Justin Elliott

"Joanne has supported us with time management, minute taking, action follow ups, scheduling appointments and recruitment administration.

It has definitely given me peace of mind - I know that I can ask Joanne to complete a task and it will be done quickly and efficiently, rather than sitting on my to do pile gathering dust, and I can focus more time on other areas of growing the business and managing people"

Justin Elliott, Managing Director


Woman with red hair
Nikki Heaton-Bennett

"I contacted Joanne as I was looking for help with business admin, updating my website and creating promotional material.  It’s made life so much easier to know someone can do what I need doing far better. My head is clearer, enabling me to focus on what I am good at, and the possibilities of increasing my business have grown massively.  I have found Joanne extremely easy to work with and if you are thinking of using a Virtual Assistant I would highly recommend it as it is very cost effective in the long run."

Nikki Heaton-Bennett, Beyond Inspiration

Woman with blonde hair
Yoga Instructor

"I contacted Joanne as I was looking for help with basic bookkeeping and also needed to create time to work on my new business.  She has provided support with creating brochures, social media images, blogs and bookkeeping which means that I am now on top of my finances and am making progress with new business and spend less time worrying about getting behind on tasks.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is struggling with time, consider using a virtual assistant, and that they find someone that they like, feel comfortable with and that they have confidence in".

Yoga Instructor, January 2018


Business woman
Lucy Flanagan

"I decided that I needed the support of a Virtual Assistant to help with the administrative tasks that drained my energy.  I started working with Joanne in May, to help with social media. managing events and supporting project launches.  Her support has enabled Mumazing to grow its audience, have continuity and a structure. It has also given me time to start working on the growth.  On a personal note Jo joined my team when I was going through a tough time emotionally due to a personal situation, she assisted me on keeping my business going when I didn't have the head space to"

Lucy Flanagan, Founder, Mumazing Success

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Leadership Development Consultant

"I decided that I needed the support of a Virtual Assistant as my workload had increased but I was still doing all of the work and was finding it harder and harder to stay on top of everything which was making me feel rather stressed!  Joanne now manages all my financial administration and maintaining the process documents, and has also helped with website updates, social media reviews/implementation and other tasks.  Having Joanne as a VA has helped me to begin the process of untangling what in my business must be done by me and what actually should be done by others! This is a huge step forward and feels really liberating, and I already feel lighter and less weighed down by the multitude of tasks that were beginning to feel overwhelming. Thank you!"

Leadership Development Consultant, December 2017

Woman in field
Carol Williams

"Joanne is a breath of fresh air and exactly what I would have hoped for in a VA. She’s professional, kind, personable, reliable. She gets after me but does not really “bug” me. What I am particularly impressed with is how quickly she navigated and learned a proprietary CRM system I use.  I have found myself referring her directly to at least two people and we are only in our second month of working together! I am looking forward to a long and satisfying relationship with Joanne".

Carol Williams, Coach, Efficient Productivity Systems

Business man smiling
Ian Smith

"Joanne has been supporting me with diary management, tender job admin, handling enquiries, internal communications and handling incoming calls. I have found her very easy to work with and her support has enabled the business to be less dependent on me being around. It has also freed up some of my time and I feel better organised. I would advise other business owners not to hesitate in engaging her services - it will help you tremendously"

Ian Smith, Chief Executive, Winning Tenders

Alex Palmer, Kina Events
Alex Palmer

“I decided to look for a Virtual Assistant as I had been struggling to find enough time to manage my diary and carry out other admin tasks.  I have found it invaluable to free up this time to allow me to work on other things essential to my events business and since working with Joanne, I feel less stressed out, and am no longer worrying that I might have missed something.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne’s services to other entrepreneurs”

Alex Palmer, Founder, Kina Events Management

Kate Guest
Kate Guest

“I have recently engaged the services Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance to support me with social media and technology for my business. Joanne has recently created some eye-catching graphics to showcase my testimonials, which have been very easy to use on my social media channels. I have felt very much supported by Joanne and have already recommended her to other professionals”

Kate Guest, Kate Guest Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Kim Algar, Cinnabar
Kim Algar

"Cinnabar engaged Joanne’s services towards the beginning of this year in the capacity of a personal assistant. I have found Joanne to be a very well organised individual, who has great discipline and determination. Joanne is very focused and remains calm under pressure. Joanne’s conscientious and motivated attitude has proven invaluable to my business"

Kim Algar, Owner, Cinnabar Limited

Happy Tokens
Michelle Westgarth-Graham

“I can’t begin to thank you for the phenomenal job you have done with the literature.  Stuck for weeks on the literature for my business you provided clarity and structure in 24/48 hours – it is so much more straight-forward and your ideas to re-arrange it work really well.  Your work was easy to understand, constructive and complimentary.  You proved your worth, understood my approach and attracted my potential business.  I was afraid to ask for help as I felt I was handing over the reins, somewhat, to someone who doesn’t know me or care as much about my business as me but this was certainly not the case handing over to you.”

"Thank you for your quick and friendly service. As usual you have gone above and beyond completing the task ahead of time, no fuss and no inflated prices. You offer everything a small business looks for. I will definitely be using you again".

Michelle Westgarth-Graham, Happy Tokens

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Client, December 2016

"I engaged the services of Joanne Manville, Virtual Assistant to help me populate contract templates and create job descriptions for 7-8 staff.  I found her extremely easy to work with, and she understood our needs perfectly.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services to other small business owners"

Client, December 2016


Ken Wenman, South Western Ambulance Service NHS FT
Ken Wenman

"A highly competent professional, committed to delivering high quality in everything she does. Personable, great interpersonal skills, high levels of emotional intelligence. Someone you can trust!"

Ken Wenman, Chief Executive, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust


Topaz Nails and Beauty
Claire Bareja

“I had been meaning to work on an email campaign to send to my clients for a birthday treat but had not got round to it.  Joanne was easy to work with, and I am very pleased with the job”.

Claire Bareja, Owner, Topaz Nails & Beauty

Janine Stedman
Janine Stedman

"A huge thank you to Joanne Manville who spent an hour of her valuable time with me on Skype, sharing her excellent understanding of LinkedIn.  I appreciated her 'guided walk' through my profile and have started making some of the suggested changes. My profile looks far more professional now".

Janine Stedman, Owner, Tamsden Memories

What Kay Did Logo
Katy Gooding


"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOOUUU!!!!!! Joanne, you are fab and I am so grateful to you! A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders as a small business owner, whose forte is in sourcing vintage treasure, not spreadsheets!

Katy, Owner, What Katy Did

Gordon Williams, Gordons Gardening Services
Gordon Williams

"We asked Joanne to help us with our business as we wanted to get a face book page set up. Joanne was so motivated, not only did she set up the page for us, she scheduled posts on for us and regularly monitored it, she has passion and enthusiasm for everything she does, so in our minds she went above and beyond what we asked for. We can call her any day or time and she will get back to us immediately and sort out any issues we have with all aspects of our business. Joanne has only recently set up her business but she has achieved so much and I believe can make a difference to peoples work in all areas".

Gordon Williams, Owner, Gordon's Gardening Services

Jo Avery, First Physio
Jo Avery

"I recently used Joanne to assist me with writing policies, creating social media images, recording mileage and creating patient satisfaction forms.  I would highly recommend her services to other business owners"

Jo Avery, Owner, First Physio

Belinda Newton, The HR Dept
Belinda Newton

"I recently used the services of Virtual Assistant, Joanne Manville during a period of unexpected staff absence, to complete some audio work with a quick turnaround.  Joanne's work was excellent and I found her really easy to work with.  I would recommend using a virtual assistant to give you the support you need at the times you need it and at a cost you can afford".

Belinda Newton, Owner/Director, The HR Department

Logo for the Vintage Wedding Photographer
Alice Schamroth


"Since the moment I had my first meeting with Jo I felt I was in a really safe pair of hands. Her experience, strategic logic and incredible organisation has helped me to grow my 3 creative businesses enormously. She has an incredible talent for being able to quickly diagnose an issue and come up with a detailed plan of how to resolve them & has effortlessly put systems in place in my business which leave me free to do what I do best creatively. The best decision I ever made was to ask for her help"

Alice Schamroth, The Vintage Wedding Photographer

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Trish Whitfield

"Many thanks Jo for all your help and support with updating my very out of date CV. Your advice has helped me immensely and I would happily recommend your services to any colleagues, friends or relatives."

Trish Whitfield

Trevor Isherwood, Isherwood and Company
Trevor Isherwood

“Joanne has had a hugely positive influence on our business. As a consultancy that operates mainly internationally we’re constantly on the move, so having Joanne to keep projects on track, research information for us and prepare materials whilst we’re out of the office means that we can be more responsive to our client's requests as well as focusing on the strategic activities that add most value.”

Trevor Isherwood, Managing Director, Isherwood & Company

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Client, April 2017

"I started working with Joanne as I was having difficulty delegating work, and I asked for her help with recording receipts for our accounts, updating our database and reviewing our website for errors.  I found it extremely easy to work with Joanne and have already recommended her services to other business owners that I know"

Client, April 17

Caroline Wolf
Caroline Wolf

“I was looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me with an initial project on Facebook, and I was very lucky to find Joanne on LinkedIn.  I wasn't sure about using a Virtual Service but Joanne put me at my ease and I feel very confident in working with her.  She was polite, professional and quick and most importantly she always keeps me in the loop of what is going on and when the work will be done.  I shall definitely be working with Joanne in the future”

Caroline Wolf, Founder, Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Logo for St Loyes Foundation
Emily Macleod

"Joanne has a rare ability to combine being highly effective and efficient whilst also building excellent relations with her team. She made fundamental improvements to the department, directly improving the bottom line within a year of joining whilst also improving long-term issues such as morale and retention by investing in training and development within the team. If I started my own company, she would be one of the first people I'd want to recruit".

Emily Macleod

More testimonials can also be found on LinkedIn.